The Peaceful Bamboo Family  »Charter and Regulations«

  We now welcome young adolescents in TTG.

In order to do so we built a program adapted to their specific needs and possibilities. We also created a space adapted to their needs, an adolescent house where they can have an educational program and also space for fun and play.

Creation of ecological programs for school children and university students:
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  The Peaceful Bamboo Family, Tinh Truc Gia, TTG, a vocational training centre and living community for young adults living with disabilities, was inaugurated in the year 2009.

The community is based on humanistic values offering a healthy environment that facilitates the wellbeing of each member.

In TTG we promote an ecological lifestyle and develop bio-dynamic agriculture.
TTG has the aim to be a practical training centre for social therapy and »bio-dynamic gardening. Community life plays an important role for the integration of the person living with disabilities.

We promote a rich social and cultural life, and we welcome many visitors and volunteers.

In 2012 TinhTruc Gia joined the Camphill movement. For the latest news about our big family life, please visit the blog:     »
  Living in a community is a learning process each day and in all daily activities. Community life plays a central role in the therapeutic project of the Center. A family lifestyle and a friendly atmosphere are important factors for the integration and development of each resident. Growing up as an adult also meand finding oneself and accepting the other with all his or here differences.

The cultural and spiritual life of the Center enables the youngsters to discover the richness of their own country and their own culture.
  The Center offers each resident a vocational training, enabling them to be integrated in professional life and to become as autonomous as possible. Various vocational training workshops enable the youngsters to learn a profession and promote income generating activities.

The laquerware and painting workshop is offering very original and colorful paintings. The foodprocessing workshops offers, delicious jam and juices, some in certified demeter quality from our bio-garden. These products are also available in the recently opened  » teahouse.