The best way to learn more about us and to help:

A visit in the Tea House at the Peaceful Bamboo Family. Relax with a nice cup of tea, enjoy delicious juices, icecreams and bisquits. Here you might learn more about TTG by having a chat with one of our friendly co-workers.

Now you are propably strengthend for a guided tour through the setting. When you see the lovely products in the craft workshops, you might be tempted to purchase some of the lovely things - and maybe learn something by watching the young people's skills in foodprocessing, gardening in the bio- dynamic vegetable garden, producing wonderfull laquerware paintings and making incense sticks and embroidery.

Purchasing some of the products of our vocational training workshops is one way to get involved and support the Peacefull Bamboo Family. You can also purchase a membership, donate some money or work as a volunteer with us.

For any questions concerning you can contact M. Khanh or M.Tu Vietnamese volunteers can also contact them.

For any questions concerning sponsorships or donations, but also questions concerning western volunteers, please contact Mrs Lisi Ha Vinh

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