Charter of Tinh Truc Gia

Mission statement

  • To foster the development and social integration of mentally and physically disabled individuals, children and youths

  • To strive for recognition of, and respect for, their dignity and rights.

The aim is to create a life and work community in which all the different activities contribute to the unfolding and the social integration of people living with a disability. Various vocational training, workshops, professional and cultural activities contribute to foster a healthy, meaningful  and constructive environment.

This mission is implemented on the basis of the following:

Core Values

  • Fundamental respect for all human beings without any form of discrimination, especially with regard to disabilities, based on the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of the People living with disabilities

  • Confidence in the capability of all human beings to trandform and to evolve

  • Respect and care for natural, social and spiritual environment

  • Consciousness of the interdependence of all beings in mutual sharing of support and help


  • Create a respectful environment in which everyone can unfold its best potential

  • Create a open space of listening and dialogue stimulating human encounter: intercultural exchange, honoring diversity, freedom of opinion and speech

  • Encourage lifelong learning for everyone:

»   Learning to learn

»   Learning to be

»   Learning to do

»   Learning to live together

  • Develop ecological consciousness and lifestyle
  • Create a social therapeutic community through meaningful work and lifestyle
  • Each one commits to do their best to implement in all actions, decisions and under all circumstances the values formulated in the present Charter


In order to implement the above stated guidelines, following activities will be developed:

  • Various vocational training workshops including income generating productions. 

  • Ongoing training of the apprentices.  

  • Boarding for the apprentices and apartments for the staff.

  • A resource center and a classroom for the ongoing training of special teachers and educators of the various special education projects of the city and the province.

  • A centre for early intervention serving the families of the province

  • An organic vegetable garden.

  • Guestrooms in order to create income generating activities, but also social contacts and work for the youngsters and young adults living with disabilities

  • Cultural and artistic activities well as sports and leisure for a global unfolding

  • Other activities will be developed according to the needs and opportunities.

In house regulation

Everyone is expected to:

  1.   Respect and take proper care of the environment, the buildings, the furniture and all the equipment
  2.   Use the resources in a responsible way and save water and electricity
  3.   Move or remove any equipment or furniture only with prior authorization from the management
  4.   Maintain utter cleanliness and order everywhere, including private quarters
  5.   Avoid washing laundry or cooking in the room
  6.   Report any damage to the management
  7.   Leave rooms as clean as they were upon arrival
  8.   Avoid taking food from the kitchen without prior agreement
  9.   Avoid picking flowers or fruit without permission
  10. Avoid noise pollution
  11. Refrain from using tobacco, any form of drugs and alcohol, including in private quarters
  12. Wear decent clothing appropriate to each situation
  13. Display a respectful behavior towards everyone, both trainees and staff, and to absolutely avoid any form
      of violence
  14. Use the internet and other medias (magazines, books, CD, DVD) only in ways aligned with the values
      of the center
  15. Maintain good relation with neighbors through appropriate behavior
  16. Be punctual for all common activities
  17. Respect the opening time of the center : from 6AM to 8 PM
  18. Notify absence to the management
  19. Announce all visitors to the management
  20. Announce final departure to the management at least 24 h ahead

In case of violation of the regulation, the management will assess the situation case by case and will apply four types of penalties:

  1. For minor offenses: verbal warning

  2. For more serious offenses or if repeated verbal warning were not taken into consideration: written warning

  3. In case of more serious offence or if the written warning was not taken into consideration: temporary exclusion

  4. In case of major offence or major professional misbehavior: definitive exclusion with immediate effect.

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