The Peaceful Bamboo Family, Tinh Truc Gia (TTG) is a project of the Foundation and the Eurasia Association. The center was opened in the beginning of 2009. Tinh Truc Gia is situated in the outskirts of Hue City, in central Vietnam.
Tinh Truc Gia is a living and working community for youngsters and young adults living with disabilities. This project was started after the children of Eurasia special schools and classes have finished their school curriculum, it was difficult to find vocational training centers and a suitable work and life situation enabling them to integrate in society.

Thirty youngsters now live and work in the peaceful bamboo family. We have around 15 co-workers.
Tinh Truc Gia (TTG) is a private institution under Vietnamese law and under the supervision of the Department of Social Affairs of Hue City. In 2012, TTG joined the Camphill Movement.
The Peaceful Bamboo Family is situated in a rural district, 10 minutes by motorbike from Hue City Center. After having left a very animated and busy street, Dien Bien Phu Street, you will drive through winding little roads and bamboo groves, that will bring you to Tinh Truc Gia where Eurasia has build two houses for the young disabled adults and youngsters. The landscape and the surrounding area is very harmonious and people there are living a traditional lifestyle. Our neighbors are essentially farmers and artiSans. There are many pagodas in the neighborhood and specially at three in the morning you might notice them when their temple bells call for the early morning meditation. Various vocational training workshops enable the youngsters to receive a professional training and through their products the center receives a certain income. There is a food processing workshop making delicious jam, ice cream, fruit juices, dried fruits; an organic vegetable garden; a cooking workshop; housekeeping and maintenance; embroidery; lacquer ware painting and in the future pottery and woodwork. Where we are »

Good to know for volunteers from abroad
It is important to know that the climate in Hue can be a problem for foreigners. It is very hot in summer, from April until August and it rains a lot from November until February. It can be cold in winter and you need to bring warm clothes. There are regular typhoons and floods in and around Hue area, but Tinh Truc Gia is situated in an high area so we do not suffer from floods here directly. Spring and Autumn are lovely!

Vietnam has a rich history and it is certainly important that you make some inquiry about its history and its cultural, political and economic situation The volunteers have to know that the budget of the center and the local economy does not permit us to pay any volunteer coming from the western countries. The center depends almost entirely on donations and the local salaries are extremely low compared to western salaries. All volunteers coming to TTG have to pay their own airfare and have to bring money for all their personal expenses. We ask for a contribution of 200$ for room and board. We can offer a simple double room with private bathroom for our volunteers. If we welcome two volunteers they have to share the room. (in this case it has to be two men or two women)

The local meand of transportation is by bicycle or by motorbike. TTG cannot provide the volunteers with a motorbike. Hopefully we can lend you a bicycle. If ever the volunteer wishes to ride a motorbike, he or she has to rent one under his or her own responsibility.

TTG has only one computer, at the moment. This computer contains all our work-files and has to be 100% available for the administrative staff. Volunteers cannot use this computer. As we have a WIFI connection, we recommend you to bring your own laptop.

Health, Healthinsurance, Travelinsurance
It is important to be physically and mentally healthy if you are interested to come to work in Vietnam. You have to have a health insurance which provides any health expenses you might have here. You should also take a special insurance that would allow you in case of a severe situation to travel back home.

Volunteer Visa
You need a visa for travelling to Vietnam. Eurasia will provide you with a certificate in order to receive the visa. Keep in mind that it is not possible to come with a tourist visa, you need a volunteer visa. Plan ahead, the application process takes time.

Probationary Period
After a period of one month an evaluation will give both sides the possibility to confirm the further commitment of the volunteer. Please do not underestimate the “cultural shock” when working in a different cultural surrounding. A certain time to adapt and a certain tolerance and cultural openness is required in such culturally different contexts. We will introduce a course on intercultural-working together for all newcomers. Vietnam and the whole region are wonderful countries to visit. We advise you to take some time before or after your stay with us to travel and discover the area.

For any questions or contacts concerning volunteers, please contact Mrs Lisi Ha Vinh Email:

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