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Tho Havinh, Program director GNH



Program director GNH center Bhutan, former head of Global Training Learning and Development in the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva. He is visiting professor in several universities including UCL in Belgium and Geneva University in Switzerland.

He has published several books and many articles on socially engaged spirituality and humanitarian topics.  He is the co- founder of Eurasia Foundation and is Chairman of Eurasia Association.   Blog »

Lisi Havinh,

Lisi HAVINH, Manager


Manager, has been working and living with disabled children and youngsters for almost 30 years. She has worked as art-therapist, special teacher and has together with her husband and two children lived for 12 years with 7 disabled youngsters in a Camphill Community. Lisi is the director of Eurasia Foundation.

She is living and working in Switzerland and Vietnam. Tho and Lisi are grandparents of four grandchildren. Lisi is active in various peace movements like the Global Peace Initiative of Women. She loves to walk in nature, she loves to be with her family and friends. Lisi and Tho practice meditation and guide a meditation retreat every summer in the Swiss alps in Chandolin.  Blog »

To Trinh Phan, Manager Peaceful Bamboo Family

PHAN To Trinh

To Trinh PHAN

is one of the pioneers in special education in Vietnam. Since 1999 she has taken part in various courses in special education and has accomplished the one year course organized at Hue University by Eurasia. She is a special teacher at Thuan Thanh school since 2000.

Thuan Thanh school is one of Eurasias pilot projects in partnership with Hue City Education Department. She came three months to Switzerland to the Perceval Foundation.

She is a very dynamic young woman who supervises and advises our staff in many ways. She is the manager at the Peaceful Bamboo Family. She speaks perfect English.

Van Tu Phan, Director Peaceful Bamboo Family



is the director of the Peaceful Bamboo Family (Tinh Truc Gia – TTG). He worked for many years at Morin Hotel, on of the most well known hotels in Hue. He then went to France to Le Béal for three months working there with adults living with disabilities and learning how to make jam.

He worked for two years at Long Tho Pagoda, Beloved School, with adults living with disabilities, opening the first jam workshop there. Together with Mr Khanh he supervised the construction in the Peaceful Bamboo Family.
Together with his very dynamic wife Mrs Trinh and their two lovely daughters he lives in Hue. He speaks French and English.

Minh Khanh Tran, Project Manager Eurasia, Vietnam. Office of early detection and parental advise in Saigon

TRAN Minh Khanh

Minh Khanh TRAN

is project manager of Eurasia in Vietnam. He studied special education during four years, from 1998 to 2002, in Switzerland at Perceval Foundation, St Prex. Since he came back to Vietnam in 2002, he supervised a great number of projects of Eurasia. He is active with training and following the educational staff in Hue.

He is in charge of an office of early detection and parental advise in Saigon. He completed his own training by following a course in early intervention in Geneva University Hospital. He speaks French fluently. He lives with his wife and his lovely daughters in Saigon.

Thi Hoa Mai, teacher in TTG

MAI Thi Hoa

Thi Hoa MAI

is a teacher in Thuan Thanh schools, one of the first schools Eurasia created in Hue in the year 2000. She has joined many training courses organised by Eurasia. She specialized in the work with deaf children and has undergone a Waldorfkindergarten training.

She is the new Kindergarten manager and also teaches our youngsters in general cultural subjects as reading, writing, counting, history, geography. She is also an expert « cleaning guide » for the community

Nguyễn Phước Hải, works in the bio-dynamic garden.

Nguyen Phuoc Hai

Nguyễn Phước Hải

Nguyen Phuoc Hai, joined the Eurasia and Tinh Truc Gia team in summer 2013. He works with the special needs youngsters and the bio-dynamic garden team in TTG specially around the "seedbank" and medicinal herb garden project. He helps Eurasia connect to many young people, NGO's in Vietnam and around the world and helps us to get in touch with the needs and aspirations of the younger generation. His name "Lucky Ocean" fits him perfectly.

Andreas PAPPE

Andres PAPPE

a member of Eurasia Association and a long time special teacher at Perceval Foundation has come eight times to Hue to give training courses to the special teachers in Hue.

He has introduced theater music but also many theoretical subjects.

Sara Martine SERANO

Sara Martine SERRANO

is the vice chairman of Eurasia Association. She helped at the beginning at Beloved School in Hue, Thuy Bieu, for their first three months. This school, for children living with severe disabilities was built and founded by Eurasia and M. Allan Sansler in the year 2000.

She again came to Hue for six months to help in the beginning of TTG (Tinh Truc Gia – Peaceful Bambou Family). Her help was extremely precious and appreciated by everyone. We all hope she comes back soon!



volunteered as a co-worker and consulant at "The Peaceful Bamboo Family" (from april 2010 to July 2011). His advise and collaboration have been of great help.

He has been working with anthroposophy for more than 30 years, he was a curative teacher for 10 years and the co-director of an institution for adults with special needs for 16 years. Now, he works as a social worker in a Camphill place (Switzerland) and as an auditor for "Confidentia"/"Ways to Quality" since more than 10 years.

He has 4 adult children and is passionate with photography.



is the accountant of Eurasia Foundation and Association. He lives in Switzerland with his wonderful family ! He is a really good friend and support to all of us ! What would we do without you !

Team Peaceful Bamboo Family (TTG), Hue


Khai Quang DANG

Khai Quang DANG

was member of the Peaceful Bamboo Family, and he is a very long time friend of the Eurasia Team. He and Mr Khanh were school friends in Saigon. They both made a full year internship at Phu My orphanage before coming to the Perceval Foundation for a four year training in special education
After his studies Mr Quang moved to Germany. He became “housefather” in Camphill Foehrebuehl.

He decided to come back to Vietnam and to join the TTG team in October 2009. He is working on a free lance basis with Eurasia. He speaks English, French, German, Chinese and of course Vietnamese.



Builds the new Eurasia homepage. Since 2003 freelance web designer and web developer at Webdesign-Service Überlingen, Lake Constance. Websites in German and English for social projects, artists, businesses, law firms. Consultation, planning, SEO.

Production of many theater plays with pupils and staff. Experience as lecturer and Instructor for Augmentative and Alternative Communication and as drama teacher.